Blog Task 15

Environment and Energy Conservation in Ukraine by 2030 It is a well-known fact that our world faces irreversible climate change and species extinction. Apart from that, Earth suffers from dire consequences of human activity. In order to prevent our civilization from dying out it is absolutely vital to change our ways of treating nature. Naturally, we should begin from our own country, exploiting suggestions presented in the given videos. The first video discusses directly how to establish alternative energy sources such as solar heating and offshore wind farms. Also, authors have found a solution to the problem of maximizing material sustainability. For example, video makers claim that 2/3 of materials used for buildings is enough to make them serve for a long time. Ukraine can definitely take advantage of these ideas and establish renewable energy systems as well as cut down on emissions, thus reducing the fossil fuels use. Another suggestion is switching to hybrid or electric cars. …

Blog Post 14

Refugee Crisis. What makes the issue complicated? Many people nowadays move through countries not because they can afford it or due to their travel arrangements. Sometimes travelling turns out to be an occurrence that makes a change in human's life forever, and in case of refugees it can hardly be named a positive one. Suffering from discrimination or seeking the political asylum, immigrants often have to flee from dreadful conditions their own native lands have established. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more other countries treat their own citizens worse than sinners are treated in hell - constant wars, political issues, and segregation make life there impossible. In search of better lives, people are simply forced to leave their home lands. Nonetheless, not always they are welcomed in other states. Full of racial prejudices against ethnic minorities and their religious faith, citizens of other nations may often seem hostile towards refugees. Many countries have no desire to en…

Blog Task 13

The Recreation Ostroh Sports Reports informs Needless to say, one of the biggest occurrences of the year in Ostroh Academy that attracts an enormous amount of attention is the Recreation. It hits the headlines of the local websites instantly and all the latest news run the story of how the celebration has been held. The holiday of Recreation originated in Ancient Greece to give students the opportunity to distract from their classes. So, why it becomes a front-page article every year? Our special correspondent Dmytro Holovatyi makes a clear point. First of all, it is a spectacular show. Athletes from all departments compete for the victory in university Olympics during a whole year. The competition comprises of numerous unpredictable turns of events that later make the news among students.
Secondly, it is a great opportunity to win praise of people who give credit to the most valuable sportsmen. Every kind of competition has a significant impact on performers, developing their skills a…

Blog Post 12

The Cold War (1947-1991) We all know from numerous history examples that sometimes former allies may be unwilling to compromise and can launch a highly counter-productive rivalry campaigns. After signing a peace treaty that ended the horrors of World War II, the vast majority of countries suffered from the consequences of influence spheres redistribution. All in all, such actions brought about the world's division into two major counterpart - the USA supported by NATO and the USSR with its satellite states. Both opponents were at the state of undeclared war which could break out several times during the whole confrontation course. Both the USSR and the US took advantage of a post-war sharp feel of patriotism and launched different campaigns and even fundamental operations to attract the support of their citizens. Such a tense situation caused much concern in the world and had a huge impact on its development; the risk of a new war was immense during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Back …

Blog Task 11

Poverty-stricken citizens do not appear to be something new for our country. Not being able to afford enough groceries or making cutbacks on children's education to finally make ends meet are common problems among many people. The game SPENT is a vivid example of how low-income workers have to keep track of their outgoings in order to save bigger sum of money. Money of player is tight since the very beginning, and he/she has to economize all the time. I played SPENT three times. At first, I tried to cover all expenses possible and ended up with a 108$ budget without rental payment. After that, I tried to tighten my belt a little a be more moderate with spending money like water. I declined some choices, preferring to do household work myself but paying for child's education and entertainment, which resulted in 650$ left. During my last play I considered that I lived on a shoestring and had to be thrifty on my expenses as much as possible, buying an occasional ice-cream only. I…

Blog Post 10

Is it possible to eat healthy but cheap? Although seems to be quite hard to follow, a healthy diet is not that expensive if you think ahead a little. From the very beginning, it is important to consider that diet differs significantly from fastening and requires simply to cut down on certain products instead of starving. So, what are the steps towards a cheap but effective diet for a student? Firstly, it is vital to determine your goal and your motivation in order not to give in later. For example, if you cannot go without junk food, but still want to burn up some calories, you are obliged to stop filling yourself with pizza and hamburgers anyway. Substitute it with poultry and vegetables - it will save you a huge amount of money. Secondly, count what you eat. Your meals must be nourishing enough and include much protein, less carbohydrates and fat, numerous vitamins and minerals. You have to separate your daily food amount into 4-6 portions instead of eating them one after another. Y…

Blog Task 9

Stupid Is As Stupid Does. Remember the phrase from the legendary 'Forrest Gump' movie? Well, the motto describes precisely how our company carries out its work. Intrigued? Interested what does the job involve? Read further then! Have you ever wondered if it is possible to have a promising career if you cannot handle with the simplest tasks? Well, in case you have a "can do" attitude towards this subject, we can offer you a high-powered job called "Stupid Slogans Master". Your aim is to create the most stupid slogan possible for a customer corporation...and get promoted to the vacant position of "Stupid Slogans Master Manager" instantly! Surely, as a manager you will have to master new skills which include firing your workers and giving orders which would be hard-to-…